Do you always feel bad each time you dress does not fit? You have tried several times to suck in
your stomach just to look good in your time swimsuit. Apart from your outlook, being
overweight can put you in high risk of diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, heart
diseases, and some cancers.

Countless studies and millions of people have attested to the fact that weight loss can be
achieved through exercise. Fitness Advisory board member, Michele S. Olson, Ph.D., professor
of exercise science at Auburn University once said: “Exercise is the best approach for achieving
and maintaining weight loss.

So, for you to achieve that weight loss goal, you have to be determined to follow an exercise
routine. It’s definitely the right course to burn calories and build muscles. Stop making excuse
today and face it. Trust me; it’s going to be worth it in the end. Here are the best calorieburning
exercises for weight loss that you can follow.

1#- Walking
As simple as it is, walking can help you burn about 150 calories every day. All you have to do is
stick to a 30-minute brisk-walking routine on a daily basis. You can start out slow by taking a 20-
minute walk 3 days per week and then gradually increase the frequency and duration. What are
you waiting for, get on your shoes and step out? You can use your music headset to keep
yourself going.

2#- Swimming
Swimming can help you burn up to 500-700 calories an hour. It helps to burn fat, trim inches
and builds stronger muscles. It doesn’t matter whether you do a breaststroke or freestyle, all
your major muscles get engaged in a swimming exercise. You may say “I don’t know how to
swim so I can’t even go there” Okay, who says you can’t learn? Go get yourself a trainer, make
some splashes and lose some weight.

3#- High-intensity interval training
You can do short interval of exercises followed by longer recovery periods. This shoots up your
body’s fat-burning potential and helps you lose weight. What really matters is the effort you
put in those intense intervals. HIIT is really a smart strategy to lose weight because it forces
your muscles to work harder, burn more fuel and perform better.

4#- Kickboxing
Kickboxing involves a lot of power from the legs and arms and this helps to burn calories and
relieves stress. So, when you throw kicks, jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts, your body burns
fat and calories making you lose weight. Stress is also kicked out and your endurance and
coordination are enhanced.

5#- Spinning
You can choose to do spinning if you don’t like running or any other high-impact exercise.
When you spin on a bike, each stroke squeezes your inner thighs thereby burning fat. The
exercise is actually more than just speed; it helps you lose weight efficiently over time.

6#- Jump rope
You remember using the jump rope in grad school? It is unfortunate that many people dump
this tool as they grow older. The jump rope can help you burn up to 318 calories (for a 140-
pound woman) per 30 minutes workout. It’s a full body exercise and it also strengthens the
heart muscles. So it’s wise to get back into the swing of things. Get a jumping rope and lose
some weight.

Apart from a healthy diet, you can achieve weight loss by following these simple exercises
highlighted above. Choose the one you feel is suitable for you and be consistent. Remember
Winners never quit” so don’t ever give up on your exercise routine and your weight loss goal.


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