6 Great Drinks That Make You Lose Fat


You might think the only way to lose weight is to follow an exercise routine and a diet plan, but there are actually some enjoyable drinks that make you lose fat. In fact, celebrities like the Michelin-star winning chef, Gordon Ramsay have achieved weight loss just by drinking certain beverages. Besides, you don’t have to forego get-togethers and parties to achieve weight loss with these drinks.

You may wonder how these weight loss drinks can bring about weight loss. Well, the principle is simple. When you take these drinks, they help to boost metabolism, promote fullness and decrease hunger, all of which leads to fat burning and weight loss.

Without much ado, below are some great drinks that make you lose fat and get in shape.

1. Green tea

Green tea is native to India and China and it is now considered one of the healthiest drinks in the world. It contains some beneficial antioxidants like polyphenols which have been shown by many types of research to boost metabolism, mobilize fat and cause weight loss.

It also contains catechin which blasts adipose tissue by triggering the release of fats from fat cells and boosting the liver’s capacity for turning that fat into energy.

A review of 14 studies clearly showed that subjects who drank green tea for a period of 12 weeks while sticking to their regular diet lost an average of 0.44 to 7.7 pounds more than those who did not take the drink.

Further, green tea also contains caffeine which can help to boost your energy level and improve your performance while exercising.

You can prepare this drink by adding green tea leaves to a cup of water and bringing it to a boil. Then, you strain and pour the boiled water into a cup. As simple as that but ensure you stir before drinking.

2. Coffee

You might have enjoyed the energy-boosting benefits of coffee; maybe at your workplace or at home. But do you know that the caffeine content of this drink helps to stimulate body metabolism and induce weight loss? Not just that, it also reduces energy intake so you may have an easier time maintaining your weight when you take coffee for a period of time.

A study conducted on 33 obese adults showed that adults who drank coffee containing 6mg of caffeine per kilogram consumed a low amount of calories than those who didn’t take coffee at all.

Apart from the weight loss benefits, coffee is also known as one of the single largest sources of antioxidants in the world and it can give you a lot of other health benefits.

You can prepare this drink by adding 1 teaspoon of coffee in a cup and adding hot water. Then, you stir well and top it off with grated dark chocolate.

3. Apple cider vinegar drinks

This drink contains acetic acid which helps to improve metabolism, decrease insulin levels, and suppress appetite. When you take this drink, it slows your stomach emptying, which keeps you full for a long time.

In one research, a total of 144 obese adults showed a significant reduction in body weight, belly fat, and waist circumference when they take a beverage containing 2 tablespoons of vinegar on a daily basis.

You can prepare this drink by adding a capful of apple cider vinegar to half a glass of water. It is best to take this drink early when you wake in the morning. You can also try cooking it before drinking.

4. Vegetable juice

When you juice vegetables, it reduces the fiber content and reduces the number of calories you consume. More so, when you consume a low-calorie vegetable juice, in increases your vegetable intake which may help you lose weight.

One study showed that adults who drank 16 ounces of low-sodium vegetable juice lost significantly more weight than those who did not.

You can choose a mix of vegetables that you like. Then blend them with your favorite spice and drink a big cup before dinner.

5. Water

You can also lose weight when you increase your water intake. You may ask “How?” Well, Water keeps you full in between meals and cut back on your calories. This is one of the drinks that make you lose fat and keep your waistline in check.

A study conducted on 48 obese adults who drank 500 ml of water before meals showed a 44% increase in weight loss over a period of 12 weeks than those who did not consume water before meals.

Whenever you feel hungry or develop an appetite for snacks out of boredom, drink a glass of water and see if you will still feel hungry in 30 minutes.

7. Black tea

Black tea accounts for about 84 percent of all the tea consumed worldwide. As a matter of fact, it is the most popular tea and you might have taken it once or twice. This drink contains some antioxidants like polyphenols which helps to stimulate fat break down and reduce calorie intake.

A study conducted in 111 people showed that those who drank 3 cups of black tea lost on a daily basis lost more weight compared to the control group.

Black tea also boosts the growth of “friendly” gut bacteria and form metabolites that control liver energy metabolism. These processes help to induce weight loss and promote general well-being.

Wrap up

Apart from the healthy eating and exercising, some drinks like green tea, coffee, apple cider vinegar drink, vegetable juice, water, and black tea can help you achieve weight loss. They help to boost metabolism, increase satiety and minimize hunger. Besides, they also contain some beneficial antioxidants that can benefit your health. You can replace high-calorie beverages like soda and fruit juices with these drinks listed above to shed some pounds and improve your general wellbeing.


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