Do you know there’s a health-friendly drink option for you instead of drinking sugary soft drinks? Yea, it’s the popular refreshing beverage called carbonated water.  You might have heard of that name and wonder what it means. Well, this is just water containing dissolved carbon dioxide. The gas is either artificially injected under pressure or occur due to natural geological processes.

Carbonation produces small bubbles which give the water an effervescent quality. This bubbly drink is also known as club soda, sparkling water, fizzy water, soda water, and seltzer water. Most times, sodium and other minerals are usually added to carbonated water to improve the taste, but this is not applicable to seltzer water.

When you drink carbonated water, you will often feel a burning, prickling sensation that can be both enjoyable and irritating.     This is because the pH of carbonated water is 3-4. This means it is slightly acidic. However, the kidneys and lungs have a way of removing excess carbon dioxide from the body. This helps to ensure that your blood maintain a slightly alkaline pH of 7.35-7.45 irrespective of the food or drink you consume.

Health effects of carbonated water.

I know you want to ask if carbonated water is good for your health. Well, Carbonated water contains carbonic acid but the saliva helps to neutralize this acidity to some extent. So this water does not cause any harmful effect on your enamel except when they contain sugar.

Again, carbonated water aids digestion, improve swallowing, reduces constipation and increases the feeling of fullness. Although more studies need to be done on this, but, carbonated water may help to reduce inflammation, cholesterol and blood sugar. This reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Therefore, it is not true that carbonated water is bad for you. It is a calorie-free beverage that is beneficial to your health and gives you a pleasant sensation. So you can take it instead of those sugary drinks. Also, if you were once discouraged on taking carbonated water, it’s time to get back on track. This beverage actually helps to promote your overall well-being.

How to make carbonated water

Many people do say “carbonated water is expensive?” Yea it can be. In fact, a bottle of carbonated water can cost over $5 a liter. So sometimes when you hear people say they don’t take carbonated water, it may be because it’s way beyond their budget for it.

However, do you know you can drink carbonated water regularly without spending a fortune? I will quickly show you three methods of making this drink without breaking the bank.

1. Old school seltzer making

Many bars use seltzer bottles to make sparkling water in the past and this is also practiced at home. You can easily find these bottles on eBay. The process involves attaching this bottle to a gas cylinder to carbonate your water. It sounds simple but you should use these bottles with extreme care to avoid an explosion. However, you’ll still be paying $0.50 for every bottle you drink due to the cost of gas cylinders.

2. Using a CO2 Tank

You can also carbonate your water using a CO2 tank. All you need to do is hook it up to a bottle full of water. It’s quite simple, right? Well, that’s not all. You need to ensure that the bottle cap attaches to the tank properly by modifying it. You’ll also need to purchase a regulator to ensure you are getting an adequate amount of CO2. Make sure you do this right to avoid an explosion. You’ll be saving a lot of cash with this method but the exact price depends on how much sparkling water you drink.

3. Using a Soda Stream to carbonate water

I strongly recommend this method because it’s so simple to set up and does not require much space. Besides, anybody can do it without facing any risk of blowing the bottle.

The Soda Stream machine uses just specialized bottles and a CO2 tank to get your water carbonated. This machine allows you to make fizzy drinks with ease because it comes with varying features based on the model.

You can set up this machine at a corner of your counter space. It does not require any electricity and you can take it anywhere. Yes, I mean anywhere. So don’t you think it’s a nice option for camping?

Again, this machine comes in different colors. So you can choose any color that looks great in your kitchen and satisfies your aesthetic preference.

With a Soda stream machine, you can drink carbonated water for just $0.25 per liter. So don’t waste any more time. Go purchase the Soda Stream machine and make a delicious dose of carbonated water on a daily basis.

Take away

Carbonated water is a better alternative to sugary drinks. It aids digestion, improves swallowing, reduces constipation and increases the feeling of fullness. Some studies also showed that it may help to reduce inflammation, cholesterol and blood sugar. The process of carbonated water has been made simple. You can make it using the old school seltzer method, using a CO2 tank or a Soda Stream machine. So far, using the Soda Stream machine is the best way to make carbonated water and I strongly recommend it to you.


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