Common Indoor Workout Mistakes to Avoid


No doubt, the reigning global pandemic has subjected everyone in a frenzy. Not only are our daily jobs and economic activities affected; but the social distancing rule, self-isolation and movement restrictions imposed by the government mean that you might be unable to visit your gym and workout locations.Hence, you are likely to make some common indoor workout mistakes.

More so, maintaining your fitness level may now be a more tedious task for you since you have no direct access to your trainers. You now do much of your workout and fitness training indoors without physical guidance.

Understandably, this may result in making some common indoor workout mistakes. We have decided therefore to address these possible fitness mistakes.

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Common Indoor Workout Mistakes to Avoid

As you work out from home, be mindful of the following mistakes and avoid it to attain your desired fitness goals. Check them out below:

Skipping warm-up session

Your body is like a car that you need to keep warm daily before setting out. You could also think of your connective tissues which supports your muscles in workout training as rubber bands.

When you pull rubber bands when cold, there is a high tendency to snap. However, when it gets heated up a little, it becomes more flexible to pull.

Your body gets prepared for fitness training exactly like the heated rubber band when you take the all-important warm-up sessions. Warming-up is therefore essential to;

  • Prepare your organs for the workout
  • Gets you physically motivated for your fitness session
  • Gets your mind and body geared up for physical exercise

Beginning workouts without a game plan

Well, you may pardoned for this common indoor workout mistake if you’re not a trainer.

However, the common professional fitness rule is to have a game plan before sessions. This could be daily, weekly and monthly plans.

This system will keep you focused on the numbers of sets and rests that make up your complete fitness cycle in a particular session, summing up to your referred overall schedule.

Anything short of this, you will only be on a blind course. This may not add up to an organized workout, rather a fitness error.

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Allowing easy distractions

A lot of professional fitness trainers including Julian Michaels believe that distractions could hamper your workout results.

One of the most common indoor workout distractions you could be easily susceptible to at this time is your phone. Holding on to it and checking regularly will lead to divided focus.

Even when you hold your phone for checking workout sets and rests, you must set a limit on such adventure. Allowing distractions during indoor workouts could change your mood.

Getting too comfortable with your workout routine

Do you know why you need the gym? Really simple!

  • You need an environment where you will concentrate fully without necessarily getting too comfortable.
  • You need a crop of workout equipment to challenge your routine

Don’t worry. You can achieve this indoors too. Just that you have to avoid getting too comfortable with your routine or it will become an indoor workout mistake. The goal is to optimize your performance during workouts.

Try as much to be consistent with your routine. However, try to balance this with challenging routines too.

When you get too comfortable with a workout routine, it causes overuse injuries owing to repetitive stress. This is why you need to up your game and do more challenging stuff on your threads.

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Training on improper fitness gear

Your comfort zone can be tempting to set the norms aside. An example of this is when you feel no need to wear proper gear for indoor workouts. You will be committing one of the most common indoor workout mistakes doing so.

Do not forget that these gears are made with certain considerations in mind. For example, yoga wears are made to support yoga and other gears for other types of fitness.

Wearing the wrong gears could hamper your ability to run and stretch, jump or do other physical moves.

Overweight Man sleeping On Exercise Ball

Training on an empty stomach

You will be making a costly health mistake while you exercise on an empty stomach. Such practice is regarded as one of the most common indoor workout mistakes too.

By now you should know that your muscles need oxygen during exercises. There are no different requirements during indoor workouts. Not enough blood sugars and energy could compromise your oxygen supply. To avoid this, you need to eat at least 45 minutes before workouts.

Michael explains that eating carb and protein-rich diets is a great way to fuel your engine for indoor workouts.

Shunning or undervaluing recovery sessions

Hey! The fact that you have a lot of free time during this lockdown period doesn’t mean that you should kill your muscles with fitness training.

Your body needs enough time to heal and rejuvenate after each session, and before another. If you load up workouts for yourself, you are putting your body at the risk of injuries and burnouts. This is a common indoor workout mistake.

Instead of this, you are expected to abide by recovery rules. Recovery times are essential to optimize your indoor workout performance.

Final Remark

It is a great idea to work out and keep fit during this lockdown. But it is wiser to take proper measures to get it right. We have made it clearer to you, so ensure you avoid the above-listed common indoor workout mistakes and make sure you’re eating right.

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