Do Not Neglect These Common Warning Signs of Cancer


# A non-healing sore is an early indication of cancer. Your doctor might advise you to wait for your lab results. This is to confirm whether the sore is caused due to diabetes or if it is really an alarming indication of cancer.

# Most stomach cancers are left undiagnosed in the early stages. Loss of appetite, stomach upset and abdominal discomfort can be one of the early symptoms of stomach cancers.

# Irregular and asymmetric moles or warts greater than 6 mm in diameter that keeps growing over time are often associated with cancer. In addition, you might experience dry, discoloured, crusty skin and ulcers oozing out fluid with or without pain.

# Swollen lymph nodes are seen near the area of a cancerous growth. In case of breast cancer lymph nodes near the armpit gets swollen up. While in throat cancer the lymph nodes around the neck would swell up.

# Sudden weight loss of more than 4 kg with no specific reason is a common sign for cancer.

# Severe persistent headaches that do not relieve even after taking over the counter medications requires immediate medical attention as they are a warning sign for a brain tumour. Further complications include dizziness, loss of balance, seizures and gradual loss of vision.

# Menstruation says a lot about a girl’s health. A regular flow is very important. Changes in colour, frequency, severity of pain and duration of blood flow should be observed very keenly.

# Bleeding or discharge coming out of an active wound is of great concern especially when it doesn’t stop. Indicates an early sign of leukaemia or lymphoma.

# Self-examination of breasts while taking a shower is the easiest method to detect any lump or irregularities in your breast.

# Decreased blood count especially platelet count in laboratory investigation is an indication of lymphoma or leukaemia.

# Tiredness or fatigue occurs as cancer progresses and your body’s immune system becomes inefficient fighting against those cancerous cells. Spreads to nearby tissues invading them and depriving them of necessary nutrients, resulting in the breakdown of homeostasis and cell destruction.

# Bloating can be a sign of advanced ovarian cancer. Bloating progress to fluid buildup in the abdomen known as ascites. Ascites together with jaundice can be an indication of cancer metastasized to the liver.

# Blood while coughing or painful chronic cough should be studied by specialists to rule out the presence of lung cancer.

# Acid reflux for a prolonged period of time can erode the lining of the oesophagus which results in the abnormal growth of cells both in size and shape leading to cancer.

# Enlargement/ swelling of testicles due to the presence of small painless lumps can be a sign of testicular cancer. Other symptoms include abdominal pain, breast tenderness and the difference in the way they are felt.

# Blood in stools or an obstruction in the passage of stools is an indication of colon cancer. Prolonged diarrhoea or constipation, abdominal pain as well as changes in the consistency of stools should be noted.

# Compression of nearby nerves by tumour cells can trigger stimuli to the brain and we sense pain.

# Gross hematuria with blood clots with or without pain or burning sensation while passing urine is a sign of renal or bladder cancer. Seek medical attention if you notice a drastic difference in urine colour, the pattern of flow or if it is foul swelling.

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