The advancement in technology has brought about a lot of benefits. The different innovations made life more comfortable, things are done without stress, and our standard of living skyrocketed with the invention and advancement of technology.

    Various forms of energy were studied and harnessed to make improvements in technology possible, and they include electrical energy, electromagnetic fields, mechanical energy, and others.

    Electromagnetic fields are one of those fields that has helped in the advancement of technology. It is a field that is produced when electrically charged particles are accelerated. These fields are present everywhere in our environment but are invisible to the human eyes and have an adverse effect when humans are exposed to this field. The electromagnetic fields travel through the air in the form of radiation or waves and this how it enters into our bodies where it interferes with the signals the nervous system sends to the different parts of the body.

    Electromagnetic fields are used everywhere; in our electrical power supplies; our gadgets which include phones, laptops, and all appliances that use electricity are the primary sources of electromagnetic fields. The effects these electromagnetic fields have on the human body is as a results of some factors which include the energy and the frequency of the field.

    We are exposed to the EMF on a daily basis and constant exposure to the fields emitted from the aforementioned electronic gadgets and technology can induced currents within the human body which can cause various health problems such as insomnia, headaches, immune system imbalance, cancer, memory loss, and others.

    Since we encounter devices that use electromagnetic fields on a daily basis, it is thus essential we protect ourselves in order to reduce exposure to these fields. The first step to protecting one’s self, of course, is to minimize exposure as much as possible by switching off electrical appliances when they are not in use.

    The next step is to use products that have been designed to protect humans from exposure to the electromagnetic fields. There have been a number of new products developed to safeguard one against these harmful fields. EMF shields are one of the varieties of EMF protection solutions available. Others include Q- disc, Zero point coin, EMF protection and balance, QC coin, Hedro protect cell phone EMF shield, and QC integrator vial.


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