Exercise Tips to Make Weight Loss Easier for You


Have you ever wondered why you are finding it hard to lose weight even when you exercise? Maybe you are just not doing the right thing. I mean if you follow the right exercise routine and follow a healthy eating plan, you are definitely going to achieve your weight loss goals.

However, for you to see a long-lasting result, you don’t have to start a diet plan and exercise program at the same time.  You need to work smart and that’s what this write-up will teach you.

Without much ado, here are some exercise tips to help you achieve weight loss:

1. Start your diet and exercise later

A lot of people make the mistake of exercising when they start a diet. Well maybe they think it would make them achieve weight loss faster, but that’s not true. I will show you two reasons why you need to skip the gym for the first few weeks.

Firstly, you may be too tired to exercise when you first change your diet, especially when you have to cut your calories intake.

Secondly, diet matters more than exercise when you want to lose weight. In fact, you are likely to see results sooner when you put more energy into eating a calorie-controlled diet.

2. Do more of non-exercise activity

Now that you are aware that exercising at the beginning of a diet is wrong, you may ask “then how can avoid being lazy?” Yea, you can stay busy with NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis). This includes all the physical activity you do throughout the day. You can take the stairs to your office, walk the dog, take a short walk during your coffee break, or carry groceries home from the store.

And do you know you can actually measure NEAT? Yea, you can count your daily steps with an activity monitor or a pedometer. Start by trying to reach 5,000 steps per day. Then increase it to 10,000, and then to 15,000 or even 20,000, as you become more fit.

3. be consistent with your workout trends

You may lose motivation if you try to follow high-priced, trendy workout fads, thinking you’ll achieve weight loss faster. The truth is that you don’t have to be too hard on yourself; what matters is consistency. So you can follow whatever workouts that interests you, as long as you are consistent.

4. Postpone hard workouts

After choosing a healthy exercise program, begin slowly and postpone the high-intensity workouts. This helps you achieve weight loss in many ways. First, it helps to boost your confidence, especially if you’re new to the exercise routine. Also, it prepares your muscles for more vigorous exercise and helps you build a workout habit that you can easily follow.

More so, when you have a calorie-controlled eating plan and a healthy exercise program, it helps you burn more calories, and speed up your weight loss process. It also helps to improve your heart health.

So ensure you postpone every high-intensity workouts till when you are comfortable with the light exercises. But remember be consistent when you begin these workouts to get the best fat-burning benefits.

You can do trendy workouts like boot camp, spinning, or the P9OX- style workout, but whatever you choose, ensure you plan a recovery workout on the days following those sessions to give your brain and body enough room for recovery.

 5. Vary workouts for better result

You may not go too far with workouts when don’t add varieties. It may become boring, even at the gym and this can frustrate your weight loss goal. You already know variety is the spice of life. So try to mix things up and try a new program whenever you falling into a rut or you’re not getting your desired weight loss result.

You can include strength training, aerobic exercises, and flexibility training workouts in your routine. You can try different styles to keep your muscles moving and your body active.

For example, if you like to run, give spinning a try. If you like walking or lifting weights, try out some circuit workouts. You’ll notice that your body changes when you mix your workouts and this help you on your weight loss journey.

Final Remark

You cannot overemphasize the benefits of a consistent exercise routine for weight loss. When you follow a workout routine, it helps you stay lean and support longevity and healthy aging. However, ensure you follow a healthy diet plan and cut on high-calorific foods to support your exercise routine.  This helps you achieve weight loss faster.


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