How To Maintain Personal Hygiene


We often love to stay with people who smell good and feels like running away from those who stinks. Check out the following ideas to smell fresh all day long.

  • Take a bath at least once every single day. Use a loafah or a sponge to scrub your body to eliminate dead cells.
  • Wash your face early in the morning when you wake up and just before you go to bed to remove makeup with an oil-based or water-based cleanser depending upon your skin type.
  • After a shower wear a natural deodorant to keep sweat and odour under control. In case you don’t wear deodorant wash your underarms with soap and water frequently or just wipe away the sweat with a tissue every time you use a washroom.
  • Wash your hair with mild shampoo every 2-3 days to keep your scalp clean and free from fungal infections.
  • Comb your hair 2 times a day. This improves blood circulation to the scalp and helps to get healthy glowing hair.
  • Change your clothes every day and wash thoroughly with detergent and water. Allow the wet clothes to sundry.
  • Do not share your personal belongings such as towel, brush, comb, handkerchief etc with others.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day. Flossing is very important to maintain clean teeth and gums.
  • Change your toothbrush every 6 months
  • Use a tongue cleaner after you brush to remove the leftover food particles in your mouth as it can cause bad breath.
  • Make an appointment with the dentist every 6 months to assess oral health.
  • Women should change their sanitary napkins every 6 hours to prevent infections as well as leakage.
  • Wash your intimate areas every time after you pee.
  • Cut your nails to avoid dirt getting stuck in your nail bed causing infections.
  • Always wear socks while wearing shoes to prevent odour.
  • Wash your hands after you use the toilet, before and after eating food, after playing with your pet dog etc
  • Keep an alcohol-based sanitizer liquid handy in case if you are not able to use soap and water.
  • Make sure you use a tissue paper or a  handkerchief while coughing or sneezing. This prevents the spread of infections.
  • Wear a mask before going near a patient with highly infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.
  • Be extra cautious while preparing or handling foods to prevent contamination with microbes.
  • Wash your bed sheets and pillow covers at least once in two weeks.
  • A good night sleep of 6-8 hours is important to relax your mind and body. This strengthens the immune system and keeps it fully functional at all times.
  • Wipe your entire house especially the corners with a strong disinfectant once a week to prevent germ buildup.
  • Do not allow stagnant water to get collected in or around your place. This creates a playground for insects especially mosquitoes to lay eggs and spread infections.
  • Regular maintenance of household septic tanks is necessary to prevent contamination and infections.

Make Personal Hygiene your top most priority rather than a choice!!




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