Is There A Way To Control Anger ?


No matter how much you deny, anger is a feeling that each one of us goes through. Some express it physically or through words. While others just bury it inside themselves without others even noticing it.

So now the question is Can we control anger? If so then how?

Well, this is a tricky question!! Actually, anger can be controlled only if you wish to. A single stupid action of your’s could spoil your entire reputation, your relationship with others within just a fraction of a second. 

Actually, you can do quite a lot to deal with anger. First of all, just analyse the situation before bursting out your anger on someone or something. Patiently understand the situation and deal with it logically.

Act according to the situation. Wrong behaviour at the wrong place at the wrong time to the wrong person can get you into trouble. Whether it is your fault or not the point is the way you react to a situation matters a lot.

Think!! What is the problem? Is it really a problem? Why is it bothering me? Should I react? If yes, then how?

Of course, it’s not practical to just sit down and keep thinking about these questions over and over again finding an answer to them. No!!

Fake it till you make it!! This trick really works. Try to stay calm and let that peace reflect on your face. Your silence could make your opponent go even more crazy. Use this situation to your advantage and turn it into something positive.

If you think of a situation to be really frustrating, challenge yourself by getting distracted. In the sense distracting your attention to another topic or someone of your interest. This could reduce your urge to blow up.

Make yourself busy !! Just sitting idle could make you overthink a situation which may actually be of least relevance.

Changing your behaviour all of a sudden is almost impossible. So my little advice is to just give it a try, keep trying and do not give up. Ultimately it becomes a habit and you automatically do it out of a routine act.

Whatever the situation try to deal with people in a nice way. Everyone would love to stick around people with a friendly behaviour. So the thing is that talk to others in a nice way that they can understand without hurting them. 

Abusive language should be avoided at any cost. Remember, once spoken it cannot be taken back. This act is so poisonous that it could leave a negative impression in their minds. 

Be the way you expect others to be. This could cut down many of the problems or misunderstandings with others.

Everyone has there unique personality with many flaws as well as positives too. Even you are not perfect. Accept it !!

Stop complaining over little things. Find the good in others and leave the rest. Accept the way they are and half of the problem is solved.

Stay Calm!!


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