The Benefits of Optimal Testosterone Levels – The wonder called HG ManUp


Do you know that most men who put up high standards in their love affairs or form strict policies in their bedrooms are actually hiding something? They may be suffering from low sex drive. While many men are having low testosterone levels, others could pass for a testosterone donor.

The reason is not far-fetched, research has shown that about 30% of men between the ages of 40 to 79 years are afflicted with testosterone deficiency. Testosterone depletion is commonly related to sexual matters but fact is, it affects men’s health to a larger extent.

The testosterone level in men decreases as they get older and it comes with other ailments such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

Testosterone is the major sex hormone responsible for regulating sperm production, sex drive, erectile function, urinary health and metabolism in men. Testosterone Deficiency (TD), or male hypogonadism is a clinical condition caused by low levels of testosterone.

Consistent low levels of testosterone is characterized by sexual dysfunction, decreased libido, cardiovascular events, osteoporosis,depression, fatigue, low energy,sarcopenia,diabetes, heath diseases and other related symptoms.

Insufficient levels of testosterone is due to the deficiency of Androgen, a natural steroid hormone produced in the testes, ovaries and adrenal cortex. Androgen functions by binding its receptors to develop and maintain boys and men characteristics.

Men with low levels of testosterone have higher mortality risk, almost double that of those with normal levels of testosterone. This has led to an increased usage of testosterone therapy among men in the past two decades. In the united states alone, the number increased by four since 2000. This pronounced increase in testosterone usage has raised public health concern on the risks and benefits of testosterone therapy flooding the market.

There are many testosterone therapy out there promising to improve sexual urge in older man but hardly can one find a very effective cure, still, many come with some serious side effects. Low fertility and increased risk of prostate cancer mortality cardiovascular risk are one of the most dreaded side effects associated with most testosterone therapy.

HG ManUp is a clinically tested and widely trusted formulae made from pure natural extracts known to replete testosterone in middle-aged and older men without compromising their fertility.It corrects low libido and cure erectile dysfunctions with added benefits of increased muscle mass, increased strength, insulin sensitivity, bone mineral density and decreased fat mass.

Men treated with HG ManUp therapy responded excellently as their libido and sexual activities improved greatly and with no known side effects. Rather than other testosterone replacement therapies known to decrease sperm count amongst many other side effects.

HG ManUp is a 100% natural herbal vitamin supplement with nutrients which stimulates the body to produce its own natural testosterone to a level sufficient enough to produce quality male sex cells in addition to other metabolic, anabolic and developmental impacts in other target organs in humans.

HG ManUp is a self-medication testosterone treatment requiring no regular hospital visits, prescriptions and any other supplementary drug.


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