To What Extent The Beauty Standards Influence Our Lives


The society that we are living in is actually so complicated in the sense that we run after new trends so blindly that we forget our values. Double standards exist especially when you look into the beauty and fashion industry. This is a bitter truth which none of us is ready to admit in the public. 

Ok, Now to make my point clear let me ask you a few questions. How do you define beauty? On what basis do you categorise people as beautiful or ugly?

Well, it’s interesting to know the answers. Majority of you would say that a girl with long thick hair, fair skin, pretty nails, broad eyes and a perfect well-toned body to be the most desirable.

While others would comment that ” You can’t judge a person by their colour and that beauty lies within”. Oh!! This is a phrase you can hear everywhere. But do they really mean what they say?

This is what I was talking about. People preach around big philosophies which you don’t see in their real life. Why is it so? If you really mean that, then practise it !!

First of all, understand that being fat does not necessarily mean that the person is eating too much. It can be due to a hormonal imbalance, chronic illness, side effect from a steroid treatment or even genetics. The reasons are many but are we ready to accept those. Unfortunately, we tend to rate people mostly by their external appearance rather than trying to understand their inner self.

What is the need to criticize a person if you haven’t faced their situation at least once?

Did you know that there are so many out there starving to fit into such stereotypes? They are ready to go to any extent to get that so-called “perfect body” without knowing or ignoring the side effects or complications that may show up in their body after a certain period of time.

Especially in the film industry, celebrities go under the knife doing hundreds of plastic surgeries in order to get that “perfect look”. But many of them end up in disasters.

Yes, keeping up with the latest fashion, putting a little makeup on or hitting up the gym, is good and actually necessary.

Invest some time of the day for regular exercise and meditation. Have a well-balanced diet and drink plenty of water. And most of all stay relaxed, stay happy !! This trick is as simple as it is.

Keeping up with beauty standards is fine. But do not get so obsessed with it that it drives you crazy. Discriminating others on the basis of their colour, body and social status is too offending. Try to stay away from such mistakes in the future. Let others feel comfortable the way they are.

Just Be You !!


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